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We´re open again: Schlüters (Pizza and More), Cafeteria Studierendenhaus, Cafeteria Harburg, Café Student Affairs, Café Finkenau, Café CFEL, Café-Shop Geomatikum, PizzaBar Harburg, Café BLS now open for guests and delicious to-go in Café-Shop Blueberry, CampusCafé, Foodtruck, Café insgrüne Botanischer Garten and Café am Mittelweg. All other refectories are currently closed.

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We're open again:

Delicious food in our cafés, refectories and pizzerias - also to go!



We are back! The following premises are now open and looking forward to your visit:


Daily changing offer of two hot meals:

Schlüters (Pizza & More)

Mensa Bucerius Law School

Mensa Studierendenhaus

Mensa Bergedorf

Mensa Berliner Tor

Mensa Finkenau

Mensa Harburg

Café-Shop Geomatikum

Café Alexanderstraße

Café Überseering


PizzaBar Harburg



Daily changing offer of hot meals – to go:

Café insgrüne Botanischer Garten

Campus Food Truck



Open with assortment of Snacks, Sweets und Drinks:

Café (am Mittelweg)

Café Bucerius Law School

Café CampusBlick

Campus Café

Café CampusBlick

Café-Shop Blueberry

An overview of the respective menus can be found here.


We will inform you on this page about the opening of further of our gastronomic offers.

To ensure the safety of our guests and employees, we have implemented a comprehensive package of measures. Customers are only allowed to enter our premises with a mouthguard and the distance rule of 1.5 metres applies. If food is consumed on site, the customers' contact details must also be provided. We would be pleased to inform you in detail on site.

We are looking forward to your visit!

Schlüters – Pizza & More

Many reasons to come back to the campus: The Schlüters –Pizza & More now offers, with extended opening hours from 8 a.m - 6 p.m., in addition to the well-known pizzas and potato casseroles

              • breakfast (delicious sandwiches, coffee, croissant, French rolls) and

              • every day two warm dishes at Mensa prices, salads and Mensa desserts

              • from 15 o'clock you pay only € 3.99 (price for students) or € 4.49 €/4.99 (price for staff/guests) for each pizza.

CampusCafé reopens!

The CampusCafé (in the WiWi bunker passage way) finally reopened its doors on 6 June after its renovations! You can now enjoy hot and cold speciality coffees from the espresso machine, non-alcoholic beverages, delicious cakes, and sandwiches from 8am to 5pm. The café is wheelchair-accessible, and its seats have inductive charging pads for Smartphones.


A fresh start to the new week - Mensa Überseering

Mensa Überseering has been giving you the chance to get your weeks off to a fresh start every Monday! It serves up tasty, wholesome and delicious dishes to invigorate and energise you for the week ahead!




Tray trolleys

The Mensa PhilosophenturmMensa Campus, Mensa Bergedorf, Mensa Berliner Tor and Mensa HCU cafeterias provide tray trolleys for wheelchair users.

Simply locate the trolley, select your food, and enjoy your meal!




Vegetarian and vegan dishes

As per your requests, we have expanded the vegetarian and vegan options at the cafeterias, picking up on current market trends and revamping our cafeteria menus for you.
We want to impress you with the quality of the food, not by the classifications – in other words, we want our vegetarian cuisine to appeal to all customers, both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Our menu options are clearly marked.

Take me home!

The Campus cafeteria even provides fresh food from its pasta bar and wok-fried dishes as takeaway options! This means you can transport the meals securely in microwavable boxes and enjoy them at home.

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    What did you think? We would appreciate your feedback, because we want to make our dining options and service more attractive for you!