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Application for the KfW Student Loan only until 15.02.2021!

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We’ll answer your questions relating to housing and residence.

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The admission application for our student residences is available here.

Halls of residence

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Cafeteria/Café/Café shop

Where are the cafeterias located?

The Studierendenwerk Hamburg runs 13 cafeterias, 10 cafés and 6 café shops at various university locations around Hamburg. Visit us on site and enjoy our breakfasts, lunches, snacks and specialty coffees.

Opening hours

What are the cafeterias’ opening hours?

The opening hours of the individual cafeterias, cafés and café shops are tailored to the needs of the students and staff at the various university locations.

Food range

How can I find out what food is available?

The Studierendenwerk Hamburg cafeterias and cafés offer a wide range of meals and snacks. You can find the latest overview of all meals, with information on additives/allergens and prices, on the menu of your cafeteria/café.


How can I provide my opinion on the cafeterias/cafés/café shops?

Your opinion is very important to us! We welcome your praise or criticism. Please use our online questionnaire.


How much does food cost?

Our cafeterias and cafés offer great value for all budgets. The respective prices for students, staff and guests are based on the food categories.

Displaying information material

I would like to display information material in the cafeteria. Am I allowed to do that?

Distributing and displaying information at the cafeterias, cafés and café shops run by the Studierendenwerk Hamburg generally requires approval. We offer the various student committees a platform for passing on information to students at Hamburg universities. Your AStA (student committee) can provide you with a relevant distributor pass. Distributing/displaying commercial advertising without permission is expressly prohibited. If you’re not sure whether you’re allowed to display your information, send an email to presse@studierendenwerk-hamburg.de.


Who can I contact if I have a question?

If you have a question, you can contact the cafeteria/café managers and staff in person at any time, and they will gladly offer you help and counsel. You’re also welcome to email the university dining administration at mensa@Studierendenwerk-hamburg.de or enter your criticism on our Feedback page.


What services do the cafeterias offer for children?

Children aged 12 and under can eat at our cafeterias free of charge upon presentation of the YoungsterCard. To take advantage of the parents must be enrolled students at the universities serviced by us.

Our cafeterias provide high chairs for children, and the Campus cafeteria also has a play area. All desserts and cakes are also made alcohol-free so that the little ones can also have a nibble.

Cafeteria on weekends

Do the cafeterias serve food on Saturdays?

The Philosophenturm cafeteria is open on Saturdays from 8am to 2.30pm.


Do the cafeteria serve vegan food?

All cafeterias serve food suitable for vegans. Vegan meals are marked with a  symbol on the menus.

Cafeterias and cafés/café shops

Do your cafeterias and cafés offer Fair-trade products?

Many of our cafeterias and cafés offer Fair-trade coffee and coffee specialities. The products bearing the Fair-trade seal have been grown based on social, economic and ecological sustainability criteria.


What is the “Klimateller”?

Every Wednesday is Climate Day at all cafeterias. On this day, we only serve “Klimateller” dishes with food made using processes which do not cause high greenhouse gas emissions.


Do the cafeterias and cafés use genetically modified food?

We do not use any products requiring labelling for genetically modified organisms (GMO) according to EU law. Our suppliers are obliged to sign a guarantee stating that no GMOs are supplied to the Student Union.


What do the digits on the daily menu conceal? Where can I find information on additives and allergens?

We label additives and ingredients that may have an allergenic or intolerance trigger effect according to the Food Information Regulation. The additives and allergens are identified by digits on the daily menu, posters and price tags. In each case a key to the digits can be found directly beneath the daily menu or as posters in the cafeterias and cafés.


What allergens are identified?

Essentially every food can trigger an allergy. We label the 14 major most prevalent allergens, which at 90% trigger the bulk of allergies and intolerances and which are subject to labelling according to the Food Information Regulation.


Are other components and ingredients aside from allergens accounted for?

In addition to the foodstuff allergens, the declarable additives are listed as digits directly on the daily menu. Furthermore, we use symbols as a point of reference e.g. to label the types of meat. Since the number of customers who are lactose intolerant is high, we label the dishes that contain no lactose with the symbol “does not contain any foodstuffs that contain lactose”.

Here is a listing for your convenience…


What about traces of allergens in the dishes?

We only name the 14 declarable allergens according to the Food Information Regulation if they are used as a direct ingredient in a dish. Possible traces, in other words unintentional contamination of a dish by the named allergens regrettably is not avoidable in our operations and labelling of this does not occur.


Is the allergy declaration truly safe?

All products that find their way into our operations have been declared as untainted by the manufacturer. We take over this declaration in our merchandise management thereby facilitating an accurate declaration when it comes to the recipes/formulas of our dishes. All goods in our operations are manufactured on the basis of recipes/formulas that are strictly adhered to. The entire kitchen staff periodically receives training with regards to the Food Information Regulation. Additionally working with allergenic foods is defined by means of a special allergy management protocol for all process stages. Despite all the measures taken there still exists the risk of allergen cross-contamination at all process stages and we are unable to prevent the unwanted transfer of allergens completely. It is for this reason that you will not find any dishes that are 100% allergen-free in our operations.


Are allergen-free dishes served in the cafeterias and cafés?

In principle all foodstuffs possess structures that can trigger allergies. The 14 most prevalent allergens are identified and within the large range of dishes we offer there are definitely combinable menu components that are manufactured without these 14 declarable allergens. Measures are implemented to reduce the risk of allergen cross-contamination at all process stages within the framework of our allergy management protocol and good manufacturing practice. Even so, we cannot prevent the unwanted transfer of allergens completely. It is for this reason that you will not find any dishes that are 100% allergen-free in our operations.


Why do some dishes contain flavouring agents? Can’t these be avoided?

We feed up to 20,000 guests at our canteens every day, so it’s sometimes unavoidable to use certain ready-prepared products. When selecting these products, however, we make sure they contain as few additives as possible. Our purchases department is also constantly looking for new additive-free alternatives.


I would like to know how many calories the food contains?

Based on the provisions of the Health Claim Ordinance, we are unfortunately unable to state the number of calories contained in our food.


Are the prices the same for all cafeterias? How are they calculated?

The prices of our food are the same for all public university canteens. The prices and price ranges for hot dishes are established in consultation with representatives from the student body and the universities. The dishes are also calculated based on item use.


What about portion sizes? Are there set sizes?

As we produce up to 20,000 meals a day, we have to make set portion sizes, to ensure there is something left for the last customer. However, it is possible to have a second serve of sides on request.


As someone with a disability, where can I get help at the cafeterias and cafés?

All establishments run by the Student Union, except for the Stellingen and Geomatikum cafeterias, are wheelchair-accessible. They are barrier-free, and the Studierendenhaus cafeteria has an elevator. Upon request, food can be brought to your table at all our cafeterias and cafés. Please ask the staff.


Why are the menu options not always available?

The management has long-time experience in planning menus. But suddenly more customers come and the food sells out, because we produce new meals every day. If a meal is sold out, we always offer an alternative. For the purposes of sustainability, we don’t want to waste too much food. So we cannot always offer our full menu right until closing time, because it would mean having to produce a large surplus every day, some of which would be wasted at the end of the day.