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Application for the KfW Student Loan only until 15.02.2021!

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Background to the labelling of allergens

Increasingly more people are suffering from food intolerances. In order to improve their quality of life, the EU Food Information Regulation has extended the duty of declaration for the 14 most prevalent allergens from packaged goods to loose goods as well. Up until now we have displayed the ingredients that may have an allergenic or intolerance trigger effect with digits on our daily menu. As of 13th December 2014 this labelling will be expanded to the overall assortment. In this way you will have the opportunity to inform yourself of the allergen content of our entire assortment without further enquiry.

All products that find their way into our operations have been declared as untainted by the manufacturer. We take over this declaration in our merchandise management thereby facilitating an accurate declaration when it comes to the recipes/formulas of our dishes. All goods in our operations are manufactured on the basis of recipes/formulas that are strictly adhered to. Additionally the entire kitchen staff periodically receives training with regards to the Food Information Regulation. To prevent allergy cross-contamination at all process stages, working with allergenic foods is defined by means of a special allergy management protocol for all process stages. Despite all the measures taken there still exists the risk of unintentional allergen contamination of a dish. This regrettably is not avoidable in our operations and is not specifically identified. It is for this reason that you will not find any dishes that are 100% allergy-free in our operations.


Since the number of customers who are lactose intolerant is high, we label the dishes that contain no lactose with the symbol “does not contain any foodstuffs that contain lactose”.


(Regrettably we cannot offer gluten intolerant customers the same service. The reason is that the smallest amounts of gluten can cause serious health consequences. The risk of cross-contamination is particularly high and cannot be avoided. Due to negligible demand we are not introducing any gluten-free products. However, wherever it becomes possible without a problem, we will gladly dispense with gluten. This means we exclusively use potato starch and when it comes to new listings of products, we are on the lookout for allergy-free goods.)

About allergies and intolerances

In the case of an allergy the immune system forms antibodies against an essentially harmless substance. In the process it reacts to certain substances, mostly proteins, so-called allergens which it perceives as foreign bodies. Allergens are very specific, diverse and alongside pollen and animal fur can also include foodstuff components. Even the slightest quantity of allergens is enough to cause a reaction in the immune system.

In the case of food intolerance, the body cannot process some of the ingredients of a foodstuff. Intolerance is not definitive so that in some circumstances negligible quantities of the foodstuff can be consumed.

In actual fact any foodstuff can trigger an allergy. We label the 14 key allergies that are subject to labelling and which at 90% trigger the bulk of allergies and intolerances.

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