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We´re open again: Schlüters (Pizza and More), Cafeteria Studierendenhaus, Cafeteria Harburg, Café Student Affairs, Café Finkenau, Café CFEL, Café-Shop Geomatikum, PizzaBar Harburg, Café BLS now open for guests and delicious to-go in Café-Shop Blueberry, CampusCafé, Foodtruck, Café insgrüne Botanischer Garten and Café am Mittelweg. All other refectories are currently closed.

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We’ll answer your questions relating to housing and residence.

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The admission application for our student residences is available here.

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HCU cafeteria

HCU cafeteria
Überseeallee 16
20457 Hamburg
Telephone: +49 / 40 / 284 727 22
Fax: +49 / 40 / 284 72 724

Our cafeteria is closed until further notice.

Cashless payments with the HCU chip card

Pay quickly and easily at all check-outs at the HCU cafeteria, as well as the HCU café, using your HCU chip card.

The HCU has given its staff  chip cards, known as Mifare DESfire cards. The staff can use these cards as ID, door openers (keys) and pay cards. In co-operation with the HCU, the Student Union has introduced the "chip card payment" function for HCU students and staff at the check-outs of the HCU cafeteria and café.

The chip card is available from the HCU, which is responsible for issuing, customising and loading the chip cards. You can top up the card at the chip-card recharging terminals inside/outside the relevant cafeteria, as well as at the check-outs. The card’s remaining credit can also be paid out at the check-out. If your chip card gets lost or stolen, please report this to the HCU. If you come to us with a letter from the HCU, existing credit is paid out beforehand or transferred to a new card.


Our cafeteria is closed until further notice.

HCU cafeteria

Cafeteria manager Mr Björn Rücker

Überseeallee 16

20457 Hamburg

Telephone: +49 / 40 / 284 727 22

Fax: +49 / 40 / 284 72 724


Office hours

Mon - Fri 8.30 am - 4.00 pm

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