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Application for the KfW Student Loan only until 15.02.2021!

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Day care centre

How many children are there in a group?

Up to 23 children are looked after in the elementary groups and 13 in the crib groups.

Day care centre

How many teaching staff members look after the group?

Two staff members are responsible for each group. Every so often, there are additional trainees, gap year students or volunteers.

Day care centre

How do I know if a day care has availability?

If we have availability, we generally inform you in the Latest Info section.
Otherwise, every day care centre management will gladly provide you with information on current and future availability.

Day care centre

Is there a waiting list?

Each facility has a waiting list, which is consulted as soon as a position becomes available.

Day care centre

What are the children given to eat?

Healthy, varied food is important to us. The Hallerstraße day care centre has its own kitchen, and the Bornstraße, KinderCampus and Die Stifte day care centres get their food from there. 80% of the meals come from organic and whole foods. The UKE day care centre lunches are supplied by the KFE (company-owned kitchen), whose dietary plan takes into account the physiological aspects, as well as pedagogical aspects, of food and nutrition. It is important for us to ensure that meals are held in a calm, pleasant atmosphere, and that children with special dietary needs are also taken into consideration.


Day care centre

Should children bring their own breakfast?

Every morning, the children are given a freshly prepared breakfast for a fee.

Day care centre

Do the children sleep at the day care centre?

All establishments have facilities allowing tired children to get some rest. Each centre has little niches, corners and other places of retreat as part of its design. The crib groups have a compulsory midday nap.

Day care centre

Can the children play outside?

All groups go out into the fresh air with the children as much as possible. Each facility has its own outdoor grounds.

Day care centre

Do the day care centres offer pre-school services/a bridging year?

All the day care centres run by the Hamburg Student Union have argued in favour of the day care centre bridging year (formerly pre-school at the day care centre). The future school students are prepared for primary school as part of regular activities, particularly focusing on further developing social, material and learning skills.

Flexible care

I have a day care aged child. This semester, I’m looking for regular child care on weekday evenings.

For this semester, you can have your child looked after for two or four hours on this particular weekday only; that’s precisely what the "Casper" campus playgroup is there for. Every weekday from 4pm to 8pm, the children of students and university staff are lovingly looked after by the educational specialists at the Kindercampus day care centre.

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