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Application for the KfW Student Loan only until 15.02.2021!

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UKE (integrative)

Day care centre UKE (integrative)
Martinistraße 52
20246 Hamburg
Telephone: +49 / 40 / 741 052 610
Fax: +49 / 40 / 741 045 604

About us

Educational profile

Our legal task is to provide holistic, family-supporting care for children.

The day-care centre has fixed core groups in which the children experience and organise their everyday group activities together with their teachers.

The after-hours service, as well as special occasions or services, operates collectively across all groups.

The children thus have a wide range of options for playing, discovering and learning together. Our focus on health and exercise is reflected in all areas of education, and our educational work is also apparent at the pleasant, child-friendly premises.

In order to properly perform our teaching tasks, our specialists have each concentrated intensively on separate aspects of education, and are able to assist the children through age-based playing and learning stimuli.

We assimilate children with additional needs (integration voucher) into everyday care activities. A specialised therapist is available to assist here.


The building

… is located right on the Hamburg-Eppendorf University Medical Centre grounds.

… has an attractive outdoor area.


The children

… are approx. 163 in total.


The team

… regularly undergoes advanced training according to the latest findings in teaching and developmental psychology.

… consists of the day-care management, deputy management, and two to three educational specialists per group.

 … also consists of our voluntary social year workers, an external specialist in early music education, interns from educational colleges, an office clerk and our cleaning and utility staff.



… supplied by an external caterer specialised in day-care centres, and which provides regional, partly organic food.

… based on the principles of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ernährung e.V. (German Society of Nutrition).


The focuses of our educational work

… are geared around the Hamburg educational recommendations for child day-care centres

and take into account the following aspects of education

  • Health, the body and exercise.
  • Social and cultural environment.
  • Communication: Language, written culture and media.
  • Artistic creativity
  • Music.
  • Basic mathematical knowledge
  • Basic scientific and technical knowledge.

… relate to health, and include the following:

  • Physical education.
  • Teaching health-related knowledge.
  • Motivation and practising health-promoting behaviour.
  • Projects on the topic of health.

… are geared around the children’s needs.


Special services

… Early music education, exercise, excursions in and around Hamburg, compulsory pre-school work and much more.



Take bus line 20 or 25 to the Hamburg-Eppendorf University Medical Centre, (Löwernstraße stop). The building (W44) is located on the outskirts of the complex, behind the eye clinic.

Enrolment and counselling

… is handled by the management.

… An information event is held on the first Monday of every month at 3.30pm. Registration by telephone required.


We look forward to welcoming your child!



Michaela Kröger


Martinistraße 52

20246 Hamburg

Telephone: +49 / 40 / 74 10 - 526 10

Fax: +49 / 40 / 74 10 - 456 04


Office hours

Mon - Fri 5.30 am - 8.00 pm

Sat - Sun 5.30 am - 3.30 pm

Die Öffnungszeiten am Wochenende beziehen sich auf das 1. Wochenende im Monat.

An Weihnachten, Neujahr, 2 Tage/anno (Studientage) hat die Kita geschlossen.